Sabato Receives Alvan F. Waller Stewardship Award at Willamette

Sabato Receives Alvan F. Waller Stewardship Award at Willamette

By Robert McKinney, Assistant Athletics Director, Communications

SALEM, Ore. -- Christopher Sabato, Willamette University assistant athletics director, media, received the Alvan F. Waller Stewardship Award at the Willamette Employee Awards Luncheon on May 30. The award is presented annually to Willamette employees who provide creative, cost-efficient solutions that result in more effective, efficient operations and may also result in cost savings, as well as promoting teamwork, enhancing communications, and inspiring commitment and productivity. Also receiving the award for 2017-18 was Ron Jones, instrumentation specialist in the sciences.

Sabato, who recently completed his 13th academic year as an employee at Willamette, received the Stewardship Award because he is a successful problem solver and tinkerer. He handles much of the behind-the-scenes work in the Athletics Department, including the operation of the website, development of the Department's internal information management functions, web streaming of home events and graphic design for various projects.

"He is constantly finding ways to improve what we do in our department and is often doing it by repurposing old equipment we already own, writing his own code to create new functionality, or piecing together odd items to make things work. He is our 'MacGyver'," Willamette Director of Athletics Rob Passage said.

In his current role, Sabato has found many creative solutions. He has turned the webcasts of athletics contests into big-time broadcasts with little or no cost involved. He has added cameras to the webcasts and has improved graphics and on-screen scoreboards.

He has been able to provide the computer and electronics knowledge needed to allow for data from the scoreboard and stats computers to be relayed directly into the webcasts. He has been willing to save the Athletics Department time and money by completing much of the physical setup for webcasts and special events on his own rather than hiring outside contractors.