Dwight Lear '29
Dwight Lear '29
Title: Meritorious Service
Year: 1929
Team: Basketball, Football, Softball
Induction: 1998

Dwight Lear was an avid fan and supporter of Willamette University and it intercollegiate athletic program for the past 70 years. He had been a member of Cardinal Round Table since 1956. He and his wife, Margaret, recently established a chair in American (Pacific Northwest) history at Willamette through a series of gifts. Dwight was awarded the Les Sparks medallion in 1995, in recognition of his loyalty and service to the University. Dwight was a life-long friend of Sparks, and for many years Dwight drove his family to Willamette football and men's basketball games. His recent gifts include funding for Willamette's new softball facility.