The #OneWillamette app allows fans to earn points based on events and activities they attend. Points can then be used to earn prizes and exclusive experiences. It's free to download and use for students, faculty, staff, and fans of Willamette University athletics, is available now in the Apple iTunes and Google Play online stores.

The app also provides other information for fans including athletic gameday links, news, and an opportunity to share photos through the fan cam. There’s a leaderboard to fuel some friendly competition amongst fans as well as a social media module so users can stay up to date with everything going on with Bearcat Athletics. #OneWillamette can be downloaded for free at either the Apple iTunes or Google Play online stores.

Download the App Now!

Awards and Prizes

This year there are two different types of rewards, awards and prizes. The prizes work like a store for every point you earn, you get a point you can spend on a prize. You can save up an go right to a bigger prize our you can start with the small prizes.

There are four awards this year and they are based on our leaderboard position. These can only be won by Willamette students. The gold prize, which is a Roku TV, is given to the student at the end of the year who as accumulated the most points, the leaderboard champion. The cardinal prizes, which are Roku devices, are given at random to three students at the top of the leaderboard. After the leaderboard champion is decided the next 20 students will be put in a drawing for the three cardinal prizes.

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