Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

The Willamette University Student-Athlete Code of Conduct includes a series of department behavioral expectations required for membership on a Bearcat Athletics team. All student-athletes are additionally expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Northwest Conference (NWC) and Willamette University. This Code of Conduct is in effect year-round, including summers and break periods, and includes the following requirements:

  1. Student athletes are prohibited from the illegal use of alcohol or drugs, and may be subject to drug testing.
  2. Student athletes are prohibited from using tobacco products during practice, travel or competition.
  3. Student athletes are prohibited from putting a prospective student at risk, including but not limited to the illegal use of alcohol or drugs, other violations of the student-athlete code of conduct, or situations that compromise the health, safety or welfare of the prospective student.
  4. Student athletes are prohibited from participation in any type of athletic hazing, as defined by the university anti-hazing pledge.
  5. Student athletes are required to demonstrate good sportsmanship and ethical conduct and refrain from biased or harassing behavior including profane, vulgar, racist, sexist, or homophobic language as prohibited by Title VII and Title IX.
  6. Student athletes are prohibited from making defaming statements about a teammate, team, the athletic department, other university department or staff member, or opposing team, to the media or on any private or public social media site.
  7. Student athletes are required to immediately notify a certified athletic trainer and/or coach about all injuries, and are further required to adhere to a prescribed rehabilitation treatment program for the management of injuries.
  8. Student athletes are required to maintain full-time academic status (a minimum of three credit hours, not including varsity sports credit) and make satisfactory progress in classes towards a degree.
  9. Student athletes are required to notify their instructors in advance of a class absence due to an approved athletic contest. Student athletes are prohibited from missing any class time due to practices.
  10. Student athletes are required to travel to and from athletic contests with the team in transportation provided by the University unless previous arrangements are made with the head coach. Student athletes are additionally required to dress and behave in a respectful manner while traveling.
  11. Student athletes are responsible for all university-issued athletic equipment and apparel and may be required to return it upon completion of the season, or upon demand from the coach and/or athletic department. Student athletes who leave a program in poor standing (quitting, dismissal, etc.) will be required to return all equipment and apparel issued by the sport program. If the equipment or apparel is damaged or not available to be returned, the student athlete will be billed for the full replacement cost.

I acknowledge that, as a Willamette student-athlete, I have significant responsibilities. I recognize that I am among the most visible students on campus and in the community, and that I am expected to behave as a respectful member of my intercollegiate team and in a manner that positively represents the values of Willamette University. Willamette University athletes are therefore held to standards higher than other students. I understand the need to exercise good judgment and conduct myself with honesty, integrity and respect for others at all times.

I understand and agree to each of the behavioral expectations listed above, and understand that a failure to abide by these expectations may result in suspension or dismissal from an athletic team, at the discretion of the head coach and/or Director of Athletics or designee.

I further understand that I am required to disclose within 24 hours to my head coach my involvement in any incident involving Campus Safety, Housing and Community Life, Salem Police, and/or other law-enforcement agencies related to drugs, alcohol, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and/or violence. Failure to promptly disclose these incidents will result in a mandatory suspension of 25% of a full season of competition.

Should I be convicted of a crime off-campus and/or found responsible for violating any other University policy, I will be subject to conduct procedures as defined by the Willamette University Office of Rights and Responsibilities. In addition, I understand that the result of any conduct process in which I am found responsible for violating any Standard of Conduct may have an adverse effect on my eligibility to be on an athletic team.

By signing this document I understand that I waive certain student confidentiality rights according to the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). My signature grants permission to the Office of Residence Life to provide the Department of Athletics with any or all information related to any alleged violation of Willamette University policy.