Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year

Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year

The Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award is again up for grabs, and Coach Speckman has an opportunity to win a $50,000 cash award to support his civic and charitable activities, as well as a $20,000 scholarship to be donated to the alumni association of the winning coach's school.

This year's Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year honors will go to one coach in each of the four NCAA divisions. Coach Speckman will compete against his other coaching colleagues in Division III. Fans may now log onto to vote for the coach who they think best exemplifies responsibility and excellence on and off the field.

The award process will take place over the course of the entire college football season. The winner in each division will be chosen using a combination of fan votes and votes received from members of the 2007 Coach of the Year Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is comprised of respective members of the College Football Hall of Fame and national media.

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Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year nominee Mark Speckman