West Coast Invite — Saturday May 11

This meet will feature a limited event schedule with a mid and long distance and track race emphasis.

General Information

  • Distance events: 1500m, Steeplechase, 5k & 10k races will be contested late in the evening

Entry Information

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at 12:00 P.M.

  • When entering please submit marks that were achieved outdoors during 2019 or 2018 seasons
  • Without a verified entry mark, you will not be entered into the West Coast Invitational
  • Unjustified entry marks will be declined without notice
  • Meet management reserves the right to select which entries will be accepted and in which sections entrants will be placed
  • Not all entries are guaranteed to be accepted. Check online Wednesday, May 9 for accepted entries
  • Enter only races you plan to run

Team Entry Procedures
If you would like your team to be considered for entry in the 2019 West Coast Invitational, please email your request to meet-info@willamette.edu

  • All entries must be completed through Direct Athletics
  • Only valid TFRRS marks will be accepted
  • Invited teams can enter athletes from their rosters in Direct Athletics under the meet labeled “2019 West Coast Invitational”
  • Meet management will deny all requests to change an athlete's status from a team affiliation to unattached after the entry deadline

Team Entry Fees

  • $600 per team (both genders combined),  or $30 per entry
    • Partial teams: $30 per event entry
    • Total fee is calculated based on the number of accepted entries, not the number of athletes that ultimately compete
  • Teams can pay entry fee at packet pickup
  • Make checks payable to Willamette University

Individual Entry Procedures - $30 per entry

Club and Unattached individuals who would like to compete in the 2019 West Coast Invitational must send an email to meet management (meet-info@willamette.edu) to request entry and receive final approval

  • Request must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, May 6, 2019
  • Email must include a link to the proof of performance within the last two years in order to be considered
  • Approved entrants will be given a password to complete online entry for approved events under the meet labeled “2019 West Coast Invitational – INDIVIDUALS”
  • All individual athletes must pay their entry fee online before the deadline of May 8 @ 12:00pm
  • Preference is given to collegiate teams and their competing individuals
  • All payments are final, no refund

Meet Schedule

Field Events: (limited to top 9 entries)

2:00pm Men’s Javelin

2:00pm Women’s High Jump (Men’s High Jump to follow)

3:00pm Women’s Javelin

3:00pm Combined Long Jump (top 4 per gender)

4:00pm Women’s Discus

4:00pm Women’s Triple Jump

5:00pm Combined Shot Put (top 4 per gender)

5:00pm Men’s Pole Vault

6:00pm Women’s Pole Vault

6:00pm Combined Hammer Throw (top 4 per gender)

Track Events: (Laned races top 8 entries)

5:50pm Men’s 110H

6:00pm Women’s 4X100m

6:05pm Men’s 4X100m

6:25pm Women’s 400H

6:30pm Men’s 400H

6:40pm Women’s 800m

6:45pm Men’s 800m

6:50pm Women’s 400m

6:55pm Men’s 400m

7:00pm Women’s 100m

7:05pm Men’s 100m

7:15pm Women’s 3000m Steeplechase

7:30pm Men’s 3000m Steeplechase

7:50pm Women’s 200m

7:55pm Men’s 200m

8:00pm Women’s 1500m

8:08pm Men’s 1500m

8:15pm Women’s 5000m

8:40pm Men’s 5000m

9:00pm Men’s 10000m